Introduction to Aeroponics

Optimal growing conditions create the highest yields with the least effort.

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Growing with aeroponics is…

  • All waste produced can be composted or recycled.
  • Non-plant material waste is just one cup of clay pebbles per plant.
  • Low power and water consumption reduces environmental impact.
      • Better uptake of nutrients reduces overall usage to save money.
      • Nutrient solution recylces in chamber to reduce water usage.
      • Faster growth cycle provides opportunity for additional harvests.
        • No 50 lb bags of soil to move, and no need to transplant between growth phases.
        • Elevated chamber offers comfortable working height versus bending over to care for potted plants.
        • TDS monitor and automatic pH controller allow easier, better control of variables.
          • Soil-free environment allows the cleanest conditions possible.
          • Reduced chance of pest or fungal contamination from grow medium.
          • Equipment is sanitized between grows to start new cycle with optimal conditions.

            What is Aeroponics?

            Aeroponic cultivation is a growing method that uses no soil.
            The plant’s roots grow into a large, open rooting zone filled with nutrient mist.


            How is this different from hydroponics?

            Hydroponic systems typically feature flood & drain (ebb & flow) methods, which cause the roots to be fully covered with water.  Aeroponic systems deliver nutrients and water through a high pressure mist, while allowing the roots proper oxygen flow.

            Some important facts about roots…

            Plants breathe carbon dioxide but the roots also need oxygen.

            Plants need water, but the roots will suffocate if they are submerged in unmoving water.

            Plants need support, but growth is slowed if whatever is supporting them restricts air exchange for the roots.

            Plants will only continue to grow upward until the roots run out of room to grow.

            Consider this:

            A pine tree can only reach a limited size if grown in a small bucket of dirt. No matter how healthy the tree is, it will not grow larger. The small root system contained in the bucket simply will not support a larger tree.

            The same tree re-planted into open ground where the roots have unlimited space will get much larger than it could in the bucket. The increasing surface area of the roots allows more water and nutrients to be absorbed, which in turn allows the plant to get larger.

            The optimal conditions are created if the roots have room to grow and can reach a water source that is aerated with oxygen, such as a creek fed by a waterfall.

            Final yield and quality of the crop are always directly proportional to the amount of time that growing conditions are optimal.

            The Aeroponic Grow Chamber offers a greater level of control of variables to maintain these conditions.

            The Aeroponic Grow Chamber

            How It Works

            The Aeroponic Grow Chamber

            Why It Works So Well

            Room to Grow

            The large amount of space inside the chamber provides roots enough room for continuous growth through the entire cycle.

            Free to Breathe

            The open area allows roots to breathe more freely than plants in dirt. Shelves support the roots so the bulk of the root mass remains exposed to air.

            Drink It In

            The small particle size of the nutrient mist allows the roots to uptake water and nutrients more efficiently.

            Just like the pine tree growing near a creek fed by a waterfall, plants in the Aeroponic Grow Chamber will grow faster and larger, and produce higher yield with these conditions.

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