Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Aeroponic Grow Chamber easy to use?

Yes.  Water level, pH, and jet pump cycles are all automated, making the system very easy to use.  Just ensure your nutrient concentration is correct using the TDS meter, and change the reservoir weekly to start with fresh nutrients.

Will the aeroponic grow equipment be more complex, require more maintenance and be more expensive?

The Aeroponic Grow Chamber is significantly more productive than traditional systems. So while the equipment can be more complex and may require some maintenance, the end result of superior performance will offset the cost. Consider this analogy:  A car is more complex than a horse and buggy and has more moving parts that require additional maintenance, but the car has far greater efficiency and productivity, and is ultimately the better choice.

See below for a cost comparison on growing with aeroponics vs soil.

What is the operating cost for the aeroponic system vs a traditional grow system?

The Aeroponic Grow Chamber will have a lower operating cost per cycle than traditional grow systems. The improved efficiency of the system reduces the amount of nutrients and water used, and completely eliminates the need for dirt. The reduction of exhaustible supplies over the lifetime of use makes the aeroponic system the lowest cost option for long term grow needs. The savings will quickly be a positive return on any increased start-up costs.

See below for a cost comparison of growing with aeroponics vs soil.

Hydroponic systems can have problems with root disease. Does aeroponics offer any advantages to combat this?

Yes. With chilled recirculating reservoirs, aeroponic systems have the lowest incidence of root problems and the most controlled and treatable environment.  Additionally, internal root shelves support roots above the nutrient solution, keeping them from becoming waterlogged.

Hydroponic grow systems create a flower that often has a chemical taste, is this true of Aeroponic Grow Chambers?

No. The Aeroponic Grow Chambers produce the cleanest and purest tasting product of any system on the market. The increased growth rate allows for at least a week of water-only flushing before harvest to remove any trace of chemical taste.

What happens if there is a power failure?

If an extended power failure prevents automated systems from functioning, the built-in reservoir provides sufficient coverage to the plants root system.  The system can be irrigated manually until power is restored.

Aeroponics vs Soil Growing Cost Comparison

Every grow is different, and the figures below represent a general idea of costs.  Your actual costs may be more or less depending on your practices.

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