Aeroponic Grow Chambers 4Ft


What’s included:

  • Aeroponic Grow Chamber
  • Chamber lids (choose configuration)
  • Net pots
  • Clay pebbles
  • Jet pump and spray manifold
  • Chiller with recirculation pump
  • TDS meter
  • pH meter with automatic pump
  • pH solution reservoir and hanger

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The AerosourceH Aeroponic Grow Chamber (AGC) is a state-of-the-art cultivation system that uses less water and fewer nutrients than traditional hydroponic or soil-based grows.
Our high pressure system creates a true aeroponic environment by spraying the plant roots with a fine mist of nutrient solution, which allows for faster, more complete uptake of the nutrients by the plant.
Shelves inside the chamber suspend the roots above the nutrient solution, while the chilled reservoir inhibits bacterial and mold growth to prevent root rot or other infections.
Nutrient concentration and pH are monitored, and pH is automatically adjusted with the included dosing pump and pH solution reservoir, making the AGC one of the easiest to use systems available.
With a faster grow cycle than other systems, the AGC allows a full week of flushing before harvest for the cleanest finished product available.
Additionally, cultivators typically see two more harvests per year with the AGC, making it the best combination of high yields on lower cost of inputs.

Go from “in the box” to “ready to plant” in two hours of setup or less.  You can even connect multiple chambers with one pump and chiller.  Contact us at for multiple chamber purchases, or custom lid configurations.

Additional information

Weight 71 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 12 × 32 in

4 ft, 8 ft

Lid number

Lid1, Lid2, Lid3

Lid Configuration

4-site lid, 2-site lid, 1-site lid, Cloning lid, Blank

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