Aeroponic Grow Chambers 4Ft Manual Meters



​The Aeroponic Grow Chamber (AGC) is the most efficient grow system available.  The high-pressure pump creates a nutrient mist that is easier for plants’ roots to absorb.  This means you use fewer nutrients and less water than with other grow systems.  With the AerosourceH AGC, you get higher output with lower inputs and less effort.

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Manual Meters Package

Check yourself before you wreck your plants.  Add a handheld EC/TDS meter and pH meter to your arsenal.  Stay on top of nutrient levels and keep your pH balanced.  Meters pictured are examples; actual product may vary based on availability.  Link multiple chambers on the same pump for maximum efficiency*.

What’s Included

  • Aeroponic Grow Chamber
  • Root shelves to keep roots from getting waterlogged
  • Support brackets to strengthen chamber for large plants
  • Float valve to automatically maintain water level
  • Your choice of lids​ (multiple styles available for different net pots)​
  • Net pots & clay pellets
  • Jet pump (extra filter included)
  • Spray manifold (extra nozzles included)
  • Cycle timer to automate jet pump function
  • In-line recirculating pump​
  • 1/10 HP Chiller to reduce potential for mold & algae growth
  • Hoses
  • Handheld EC/TDS meter
  • Handheld pH Meter
  • Full round of AerosourceH brand nutrients, over a $300 value!

*Additional 4-ft chambers are available for $900 each.

Additional information
Weight 71 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 12 × 32 in

4 ft, 8 ft

Lid number

Lid1, Lid2, Lid3

Lid Configuration

4-site lid, 2-site lid, 1-site lid, Cloning lid, Blank