Scott Weeks

Scott Weeks


Scott Weeks is the Chief Executive Officer at AerosourceH. He is responsible for setting the strategic vision for the company with a strong focus on partnership and client development.

After an initial investment in the CBD space with popular retail brand, Urbal Activ, Scott saw the unique opportunity to bring his vision for full supply chain management to the burgeoning industry. Through his experience with client centric relationship-based business models, he strives to bring transparency, integrity, quality and consistency to all aspects of AerosourceH.

An entrepreneur at his core, Scott sees the CBD industry as a rapidly developing yet young market that can benefit from sound business practices amid the uncertain regulatory environment. Underpinned by his belief in the science and the far-reaching potential health benefits, Scott is dedicated to growing not only AerosourceH, but pushing the entire industry forward.

Prior to his role with AerosourceH, Scott amassed a successful track record of investments and entrepreneurial business start-ups. His career spans across real estate investment, clothing retail, technology and home healthcare services. Scott has also played an active role in his multigeneration family owned business, Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors.

Scott lives in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia where he enjoys flying, the occasional golf game in addition to giving back to the community he was raised in.

Julian Lewis

Julian Lewis


Julian Lewis is the Chief Financial Officer at AerosourceH. He is responsible for revenue growth, financial and corporate development.

With BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia and an MBA from the University of Denver, Julian began his career at Bear Stearns. It was there that capital markets and financial industry sparked an interest that would fuel his professional career and eventually his interest in the CBD industry. Julian brings a holistic view of the industry to AerosourceH with experience in finance, ecommerce, marketing, retail and sales management.

Julian was drawn to the CBD industry for a myriad of reasons, including the opportunity to introduce a crop commodity that benefits people and helps fill an economic void for farmers that were once dependent on the tobacco industry. He saw the opportunity to turn a cost center into a profit center. He works with AerosourceH team to develop lasting strategic partnerships and a vertically integrated supply chain.

Prior to his role with AerosourceH, Julian has worked across a wide spectrum of industries that include renewable energy, life sciences, small cap growth investment and large foot print retail. He recently returned to his hometown to work in his family business and remains active in several independent ventures.

Julian resides in Savannah, Georgia with his wife Julie and twin boys.

Nathaniel Pape

Nathaniel Pape


Nathaniel Pape is the chief operating officer for AerosourceH. In his role he oversees all operations at the AerosourceH food grade facility in Kevil, KY.

Prior to his role with AerosourceH, Nathaniel spent years as a master grower in the Cannabis industry. From here he branched out as a design consultant for a number of large cultivation and processing facilities. His penchant for invention led him to develop patent pending aeroponic grow system.

Nathaniel was drawn to AerosourceH because of their shared vision to enrich people’s lives through high-quality CBD extraction.

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