Best Bang for the Buck

3 Major Factors to Get the Best Value From Your CBD Purchase With so many options for CBD in the marketplace, how can consumers know they are spending their money wisely?  It depends largely on three factors: CBD potency, bioavailability, and quality of the product. ... read more

AerosourceH Nano CBD

Why nano? Size matters. The ultra-tiny particle size of the CBD in our AerosourceH Nano CBD allows easier absorption into the body for higher bioavailability.  This means that more of the CBD consumed actually ends up being utilized by the body. What is Nano CBD? Our... read more

Nano vs Micro CBD

AerosourceH Nano CBD is an emulsion of purified water, long chain triglycerides, emulsifiers, and CBD.  While an emulsion simply refers to a mixture of oil and water, our Nano CBD is made using our proprietary process that uses sound waves to break the particle size... read more